Microsoft is accredited for making the computer friendlier and easier to handle. Presently, it is leading the computer world with its latest Windows 10 OS, but the supremacy of Microsoft in the computer world started with the launch of Windows 7 OS that came bundled with so many easy and user-friendly tools and applications with a new interface. It is stilled preferred by the people, even though the Microsoft has dropped its Windows technical support for the operating system.

We have picked five super secrets of Windows 7 OS, which made the operating system a popular one. Windows tips and tricks for Windows 7 are necessary for those users who are using the operating system.

Cut Out The Clutter:

Sometimes you have so many files running on the background in your computer system and you want to get rid of such files – Windows 7 allows you to do it easily by pressing Win+Home button to minimize the files and instantly. This is somehow one of the top hidden Windows secrets and tricks that you must know for a better and more accurate functionality on your Windows 7 PC. This is termed to be a cool Windows 7 keyboard tricks that will impress your friends and associates notably.

Multi-Monitor Window Support:

Windows 7 comes featured with a tool to allow the users to take the Windows applications from one window to another. It must have minimum two Windows attached horizontally. The tips and trick to make Windows 7 networking easier can be more effective with the help of multi-monitor support.

Command Prompt window:

Unlike Windows XP, Windows 7 gives conveniences to some extent in opening Command Prompt window on your Windows 7 computer. Simply press the Shift Key while choosing the menu.

Managing add-ons in your web browser:

Windows 7 PC comes with advanced feature and tool for its Internet Explorer that you can now manage the add-ons to ensure flawless execution of the web browser. You can remove the problematic add-ons by clicking on Tools / Manage Add-ons option.

Pin your favorite folders:

If you work on a particular folder regularly on your Windows 7 computer, then you must use this Windows 7 feature that allows you to pin your favorite folders so that you can get a direct access to the files easily.

These are some top tricks and tips every Windows 7 user needs to know so as to ensure the best use of their computer system. Contact Windows support number and get an instant technical support or assistance for all types of glitches on your Windows 7 PC.

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